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About May 2, 2024


“Watching how science and religion have been in great discord,” Sam explains, “we lose the opportunity to discover more truth that our creator has provided us to discover. 

Sam Toney believes there is a point of convergence where both science and religion can come together, where people with opposing views can meet with something they can agree with, if only to prove things to be more right or wrong. 

He believes that with the barriers of disagreement out of the way, and a greater acceptance of the beliefs and theories of others, the world can become a better place. Life can become more tolerable to the point of being enjoyable. 

Sam and his associates believe something much greater will come of this, much more than someone being right and someone being wrong. But without harmony, we can’t do anything except hold our position and disagree. In other words, we stunt human progress!

People with the same fundamental beliefs see others, who describe them differently, as blasphemous. If someone dares to question and say something is different than a current agreed upon physical law, they are outcast and deemed dead wrong. 

Ultimately, the unwillingness for considering things that are different or challenge our views, it stops any perspective to be taken beyond the boundaries we ourselves have erected. It’s time for the walls to come down. 

The lack of being willing to listen, discuss, and debate hypotheses and beliefs of what is and search for what might be, is the wall to human progress. It’s the cloak that keeps us blind to what else there is to discover about spirituality and the physical realm we find ourselves in.

Ideally, everyone becomes more willing to explore the views, ideas and postulates in disagreement with their own. Whether anyone else decides to join in, there is a fast-growing movement of those who are no longer willing to agree with the stifling paradigm of “accept it or be shunned” controlled monopoly of truth.

Discovery is for everyone, from personal to infinite!