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Books May 2, 2024

The Book

The Making of Revelation Equation

Central to our exploration is the visionary saga, “Revelation Equation.” Within its pages lies not just a tale of fiction, but a testament to the boundless imagination of human thought and possibility. Follow our protagonist as he navigates the intricate web of scientific inquiry and embarks on a quest for truth amidst the shadows of uncertainty and unseen opposition.

It is a narrative that transcends mere fiction, delving into the plausible realities of our universe. Follow along with us as Dr. Sam Toney writes this epic tale. Regularly, Sam will reveal bits and pieces of the story as it develops.

You’re invited to delve into human curiosity, where science, philosophy, and spirituality converge to explore the mysteries of existence as we write this daring novel that applies the infamous question, “What if?” into the power that only fiction allows with few boundaries. Because it has often been with fiction that fact has been discovered in our history. 

So, enjoy this journey as the protagonist searches for way to unveil other dimensions and the, seeking evidence of realms beyond our own. Join us and many other inquisitive visitors for a thought-provoking journey as Sam’s story develops and we post blog articles on science, spirituality and beyond.